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Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines

Shrink sleeve labels are a plastic preprinted film folded into a tube or “sleeve” that can be slipped over a container or container neck. They are placed loosely around a container and made of a thermoplastic material that when heat is applied, shrink tightly around the container.

This type of labeling allows for very decorative designs to be applied to some of the more oddly shaped containers as well as basic rounds ones. These types of labelers typically can deliver higher application speeds for less cost then a pressure sensitive counterpart.

Shrink sleeve labelers are also used for placing tamper evident bands. For these types of projects the sleeve is placed around the neck of the container rather then the entire body. Some Shrink Sleevers can also do both a full body sleeve combined with a tamper evident seal.

Full Body Sleever Labeler

Full Body Sleeve Labeling Machines

Full body sleeve labeler cut and place a sleeve label that covers the “Full Body” or height of a container. In some cases this sleeve even encloses the cap of the container to act as a tamper evident seal. Full body sleevers can reach speeds of 450+ containers per minute depending on the jobs specifications. These type of labelers are utilized in every industry for all sort of containers and sizes.

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Tamper Evident Sleever

Tamper Evident Labeling Machines

Tamper Evident Sleevers cut and place a short film label the covers the neck and cap of the containers. When heat is applied the labels shrinks tightly around the top of the container forming a Tamper evident band or a safety seal. Some shrink sleeve labelers can reach speeds of 600+ containers per minute when placing tamper evident seals. Smaller models are also available for lower production projects. Tamper evident seals are widely used in food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries for many different products.

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