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Labeling Machines for Low to Medium Sized Productions

The first impression a customer makes of a product or the company that produces it comes from the label on the package. Labels play an important role in displaying and selling a product. The also provide vital information about the contents of the package. Labels allow companies to use the same container for multiple products and can be utilized on all different types of packaging and containers.

Two widely used label types are pressure sensitive that have a pre applied adhesive to one side and sheet labels that utilize a glue in order for container application. Typical labeling speeds of semi-automatic and automatic inline machines range from 10-60 containers per minute and can sometimes reach 100 or more depending on the machine and project. Higher labeling speeds can be achieve utilizing rotary style equipment or switching to a sleeve labeling method.

The labeling equipment that is best suited for your particular job with be determined by your products container and the type of label you wish to use.

Automatic Pressure Sensitive Labeler

Pressure Sensitive Labeling Machines

Pressure sensitive labeling machines are widely used for spot labeling oblong or non round containers and can also be used for full wrap around labeling for round bottles. Pressure sensitive labeler can apply a label to most types of packaging materials and containers which makes them a very versatile piece of machinery. They come in a variety of shapes for many different applications; single side, front and back, top and bottom, spot labeling, and vial labeling to name a few. These labelers can be found as small table top units for small production runs, automatic inline labeling systems, as well as high speed rotary labeling units for high production projects. Pressure sensitive labeling machines are also popular because they can apply labels with little mess that is sometimes is associated with liquid glue labeling equipment.

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Hot Glue Labeler

Glue Labeling Machines

Glue labelers are designed for the application of paper sheet labels to cylindrical containers. Most typical are hot glue labelers. These types of labelers use a hot glue adhesive that when hot is a liquid. When operating they apply glue to a single printed sheet label then transfer the label to the container surface. The label becomes affixed to the container as the glue cools and returns to a solid state. Hot Glue labelers are most typically found as semi-automatic machines for low production environments or in a rotary style for high production demands.

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