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Capping Machines for Low to Medium Sized Productions

Automatic capping machines are found throughout all types of industries including food, beverage, chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. These industries typically require filling speeds of 10-60 containers per minute, but can sometimes necessitate speeds up to 100 or more. Going beyond 100 containers per minute most user will be looking for high speed rotary capping equipment.

Container caps come in a large variety of types. The type of capping equipment need will depend on the type of closure and the speed requirements of the line. A machine that is best suited for capping a container with a screw on cap will not be capable of properly capping a container with a snap on lid. Ultimately your container and cap characteristic will dictate what type of capping machine is best for your particular needs.

Automatic Chuck Capper

Chuck Capping Machines

Chuck cappers secure a wide range of closures to their respective containers though the use of a rotating chuck head. After a cap is placed onto a container a rotating chuck head is manually or automatically lowered over the cap. As the chuck head rotates it torques the cap tight. Chuck Cappers can provide some of the highest torque values are great for a large range of cap styles such as flat caps, oval caps, flip top caps, pull spouts, safety caps, child proof caps, sport caps, and caps with over-caps or induction seals. Chuck Capper come in a variety of styles including hand held cappers, single chuck semi-automatic and automatic models (up to 60 CPM), as well as high speed rotary systems (200+ CPM).

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Automatic Spindle Capper

Spindle Capping Machines

Spindle Cappers, sometimes referred to as Roller Screw Cappers, work by passing a bottle and it cap between a set of spinning spindles or discs that transmit their rotary motion to the cap causing it to turn in place. Spindle Capping machines can come in semi automatic tighteners or fully automatic capping systems that automatically place and torque caps onto containers. These types of machines can be used to cap nearly every shape and size of round lug or screw type cap, including one with odd tips or trigger tops. Semi-Auto and Automatic models are capable of significantly faster speeds, up to 200 CPM, then their chuck capping counter parts. Beyond those speeds a rotary chuck cappers would be the best solution.

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Snap Capper

Snap Capping Machines

Snap cappers are continuous motion capping machines that replace the tedious work of manually pressing and/or placing snap type caps. Many containers are sealed with simple caps that are pressed onto the top of the bottle and held in place by friction. To order to prevent spills, repetitive motion injuries, or otherwise general human error in applying this type of cap a Snap Capping System is recommended. Milk jugs, dropper inserts, lip balm caps, over caps, “top hat” seals, twist caps with ratcheted rip seal, and a variety of other similar style closures are all within a snap cappers capability to close.

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ROPP Capper

ROPP Cappers

ROPP Cappers, or Roll-On Pilfer Proof Cappers, are designed to thread and seal aluminum cap onto rigid containers. The operation of a ROPP capper involves placing an aluminum cap shell over the top of a container. The cappers heads roll around the shell pressing it against the bottle neck so that its shape conforms with the threads, lips, ridges, or other projection that have been molded onto surface. ROPP cappers are general used for wine, beer, or other alcoholic beverages that require a tamper-proof cap to show that the bottle has not been opened. However roll on caps can be used with nearly any rigid container and aluminum cap.

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